Lake George Vacation Rentals & Travel Guide

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Lake George Vacation Rentals and Travel Guide

Lake George Vacation and Cabin Rentals 

Discover Lake George Vacation and Cabin Rentals

Lake George, New York, is the gateway to the Southern Adirondack Mountains in Eastern Upstate New York. It's conveniently located halfway between Albany, the state capital of New York, and Montreal, Canada, offering a wide array of exciting Lake George activities and attractions. When planning your trip to Lake George, consider the convenience and comfort of vacation rentals. Whether you opt for a vacation rental by the owner or one of the Lake George vacation rentals, you'll have a cozy place to call home during your stay.

The Lake George region is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts year-round. From high peaks adventures and mountain biking to camping, water sports, steamboat cruises, skiing, and snowmobiling, there's something for everyone. History buffs can return in time by visiting Revolutionary War battle sites and military landmarks. Regardless of the season, Lake George always has something unique to offer its visitors.

Lake George is the Southern Adirondack region's crown jewel, stretching roughly 32 miles from north to south. This spring-fed glacial lake is a truly awe-inspiring sight. With its astonishing 170 islands and enveloped by majestic mountains, Lake George boasts 45 square miles of unspoiled, crystal-clear waters. It sets the stae perfectly for your Adirondack vacation adventure.

Enhance your Adirondack adventure by booking an authentic Adirondack cabin rental . Many Lake George vacation rentals and New York lake vacation rentals are family-friendly and pet-friendly, ensuring that your entire group can enjoy this captivating destination to the fullest. Start planning your Lake George getaway today!


Lake george Vacation Rentals and Travel Guide

Lake George Getaways: Unveiling the Ultimate Vacation Rentals and Destinations

1. Lake George Village: Your Vibrant Lakeside Escape

Experience the Charm of Lake George Village

Lake George NY Vacation Rentals

Lake George Village offers an ideal setting for your vacation. Its walkable area makes it a favorite among tourists, featuring a diverse range of shops, restaurants, arcades, and themed mini-golf parks. Throughout the year, the village hosts various festivals and concerts. Don't miss the local favorite, Million Dollar Beach —a large public beach with 200 parking spots, a public boat launch, picnic areas, grills, showers, changing rooms, and a volleyball court. Find your perfect Lake George Village Vacation Rentals here.

2. Queensbury: Urban Adventures and Adirondack Cabins

Discover Queensbury's Diverse Attractions

Lake George NY Vacation Rentals

Located just south of Lake George, Queensbury is a bit more urban, with an array of attractions, including amusement parks, water parks, shopping outlets, and even West Mountain Ski Resort for skiing enthusiasts. Adirondack cabin rentals near Queensbury provide a comfortable retreat for all your adventures.

3. Fort Ann and Pilot Knob: Rustic Beauty and Tranquil Cabin Retreats

Explore Fort Ann's Hiking Treasures

Fort Ann NY Vacation Rentals

To the east of Lake George, Fort Ann is a quaint farming community known for its hiking trails and rustic scenery. Explore the hike to the gazebo at Pilot Knob Preserve—it's short enough to be manageable yet offers a few exciting challenges. Consider a Fort Ann lakefront cabin rental for a peaceful lakeside experience.

4. Diamond Point: Your Gateway to Scenic Boat Rentals

Set Sail from Diamond Point

About 4 miles north of Lake George Village, Diamond Point is an excellent starting point for boat rentals and fishing trips, bringing you closer to the scenic northern end of the lake. Find your vacation rental in Diamond Point for easy access to the lake's beauty.

5. Ticonderoga and Hague: Historic Immersion and Lakefront Serenity

Step Back in Time in Ticonderoga

Hague NY Vacation Rentals

Situated in the northernmost part of Lake George, Ticonderoga and Hague offer a quieter, secluded option. Ticonderoga allows you to immerse yourself in history with guided tours and experiences like musket and cannon firing demonstrations. Hague is known for its convenient powerboat boat rentals, Adirondack sport fishing, and easy access to trailheads for day hiking. Book your Ticonderoga Vacation Rentals or Hague NY Vacation Rentals for a peaceful escape.

6. Bolton Landing: Picturesque Views and Lakeside Delights

Bolton Landing Vacation Rentals

Savor Scenic Beauty in Bolton Landing

Bolton Landing offers arguably the most scenic views of Lake George and is perfect for swimming, shopping, and dining. It is also home to the legendary The Sagamore Golf Course . Explore Bolton Landing Vacation Rentals for a memorable lakeside retreat.

7. Gore Mountain: Year-Round Adventures in North Creek

Experience Adventure at Gore Mountain

Located in North Creek, about 30 minutes from Lake George, Gore Mountain is the largest ski resort close to Lake George and New York's Capital District. Known for downhill skiing, Gore boasts 4 peaks, 110 trails, and a vertical drop of 2,537 feet. But Gore isn't just a winter destination—it hosts seasonal festivals, scenic Gondola rides, and miles of hiking and mountain biking trails throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Things to do in Lake George in the Summer

Summer is when Lake George truly comes alive, attracting visitors from all over for a day, a week, or even an entire season. With its diverse range of water activities, miles of Adirondack trails to explore, and numerous festivals and concerts, summer is the most popular season with plenty of exciting Lake George things to do. Here are some of the top Lake George activities you can enjoy:

1. Boating Adventures on Lake George

Explore the Serenity of Lake George by Boat

Lake George is a boater's paradise, offering leisurely cruises, fishing expeditions, and watersports opportunities. Rent a boat and explore the crystal-clear waters at your own pace.

2. Lake Cruises: Discovering the Beauty of Lake George

Scenic Cruises and History on the Water

Take a scenic cruise on Lake George to admire its stunning beauty and learn about its history. Sunset cruises are top-rated for a romantic evening on the water.

3. Thrilling Water Sports: Dive into Lake George's Action

Adventurous Watersports to Get Your Heart Racing

Get your adrenaline pumping with water sports like jet skiing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. Lake George's pristine waters are perfect for these activities.

4. Beach Bliss: Relaxing on Lake George's Sandy Shores

Sandy Beaches and Refreshing Waters Await

Relax at famous beaches like Million Dollar Beach and Shepard Park Beach on Lake George's sandy shores. Soak up the sun and swim in the refreshing waters.

5. Kayaking: Paddling Through Lake George's Tranquil Waters

Discover Serenity in a Kayak Adventure

Explore the lake's hidden coves and quiet inlets by renting a kayak. It's a peaceful way to connect with nature and enjoy the serene surroundings.

6. Whitewater Rafting: Conquering the Hudson River Rapids

An Adrenaline-Pumping Whitewater Adventure

Venture to nearby rivers like the Hudson River for thrilling whitewater rafting adventures. It's an exhilarating experience for adventure enthusiasts.

7. Parasailing: Soaring High for Aerial Lake Views

Elevate Your Lake George Experience

Soar above Lake George for breathtaking aerial views. Parasailing offers a unique perspective of the lake's beauty.

8. Golfing in Scenic Surroundings

Swing into Lake George's Picturesque Golf Courses

Tee off at scenic golf courses near Lake George, such as the Sagamore Golf Course, and enjoy a leisurely round of golf amidst picturesque landscapes.

9. Hiking the Adirondacks: Exploring Nature's Beauty

Adventures on Foot with Stunning Views

Lace up your hiking boots and explore the Adirondack trails surrounding Lake George. The options range from easy hikes to challenging treks with stunning vistas.

10. Family Fun at Amusement and Theme Parks

Entertainment Galore for All Ages

Bring the family to nearby amusement and theme parks for fun and excitement. Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor is a favorite choice.

11. Cooling Off at Water Parks

Splash and Slide at Lake George's Water Attractions

Cool off at water parks like Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark, offering thrilling slides and attractions.

12. Camping in Lake George: Nature's Retreat

Unplug and Reconnect with the Outdoors

Immerse yourself in nature by camping at one of the scenic campgrounds around Lake George. Spend your nights under the starry Adirondack sky.

13. Biking Adventures: On Two Wheels in Lake George

Pedal Your Way to Exploration

Explore the area on two wheels. Enjoy leisurely bike rides, tackle mountain biking trails, or try rail biking for a unique adventure.

Things to do in Lake George in the Fall: A Nature Lover's Paradise

Nature enthusiasts will find their paradise in Lake George during the fall season. The Adirondack region transforms into a breathtaking canvas of autumn colors, making it an ideal destination for those who appreciate the beauty of fall. Lake George comes alive with various activities that capture this magical season's essence. Here are some of the top Lake George activities to enjoy during the fall:

1. Fall Foliage Views: Embracing Autumn's Vibrant Palette

Immerse Yourself in the Spectacle of Changing Leaves

Witness the spectacular transformation of the landscape as the trees don vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold. Explore the scenic byways and hiking trails for the best views of fall foliage.

2. Hiking Adventures: Exploring Adirondack Trails in Fall Splendor

Traverse Nature's Colorful Canvas on Foot

Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a fall adventure through the Adirondack trails. The crisp autumn air and colorful surroundings create a perfect backdrop for outdoor exploration.

3. Golfing Amidst Autumn's Beauty: Tee Off in Lake George

A Golfer's Paradise Surrounded by Fall Foliage

Tee off at Lake George's picturesque golf courses, surrounded by the stunning fall scenery. It's a golfer's dream with vibrant foliage as your backdrop.

4. Fright Fest Fun: Halloween Thrills at Great Escape Theme Park

Spooky Delights Await at Lake George's Fright Fest

Get into the Halloween spirit with the Great Escape theme park's Fright Fest. Experience thrilling haunted attractions and spooky entertainment for all ages.

5. Oktoberfest Delights: Celebrating Autumn Traditions in Style

Raise a Stein to Lake George's Oktoberfest Celebrations

Celebrate the season with Lake George's Oktoberfest, featuring traditional music, food, and of course, beer. It's a fun-filled cultural experience you will want to experience.

6. Apple-Picking Excursions: Harvesting the Flavors of Fall

Handpick Crisp Apples for Seasonal Delights

Visit nearby orchards and pick your apples. Enjoy a taste of autumn with freshly harvested apples that are perfect for pies and cider.

7. Shopping for Fall Treasures: Lake George's Unique Boutiques

Discover Fall-Themed Gems in Charming Stores

Explore the charming shops and boutiques in Lake George Village, offering a variety of unique fall-themed items and souvenirs.

8. Fall Dining Delights: Savoring Autumn Flavors in Lake George

Indulge in Seasonal Cuisine Amidst Fall's Beauty

Savor the fall flavors at Lake George's restaurants, which often feature seasonal dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

Lake George in the fall offers a unique blend of natural beauty and seasonal festivities. Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or a tranquil escape, Lake George has something to offer everyone during this enchanting season.

Things to Do in Lake George in the Winter: A Chilly Wonderland

If you're a fan of the winter season, Lake George is the ultimate destination to embrace the cold and enjoy a snowy wonderland. Unlike the bustling summer months, winter brings a serene charm to the Lake George region, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful weekend getaway. While some smaller tourist-oriented establishments may close for the season, you'll find that many more significant, centrally located favorites, like the Adirondack Brewery and the Barnsider Smokehouse Restaurant , remain open year-round, offering visitors a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Winter Activities in Lake George: Embrace the Snowy Bliss

Lake George offers various winter activities that cater to adventure seekers and those looking for a cozy escape. Here are some fantastic ways to make the most of your winter visit:

  • Skiing: Lake George is surrounded by top-notch ski resorts, including Gore Mountain and West Mountain. Whether you're a seasoned skier or a novice hitting the slopes for the first time, you'll find a trail that suits your skill level.

  • Snowboarding: Join the snowboarding enthusiasts and carve down the powdery slopes. West Mountain and Hickory Ski Center are popular spots for snowboarders.

  • Snow Tubing: Experience the thrill of snow tubing at venues like Tubby Tubes and West Mountain. It's an exhilarating activity for visitors of all ages.

  • Snowshoeing: Explore Lake George's pristine winter landscapes on snowshoes. The region offers various trails to immerse yourself in the snowy wilderness.

  • Sledding: Grab a sled and race down the snowy hills for adrenaline. Some of the local parks provide excellent sledding opportunities.

  • Snowmobiling: Discover the beauty of the Adirondack wilderness on a snowmobile. Lake George has numerous snowmobile trails that take you through breathtaking snowy scenery.

  • Ice Fishing: For those who enjoy ice fishing, Lake George offers a unique opportunity to catch some fish through the ice. Remember to check local regulations and guidelines for a safe fishing experience.

  • Ice Bars: Take the chance to visit Lake George's famous ice bars. Enjoy your favorite drinks in a frosty, enchanting setting.

  • Indoor Water Park: If you need a break from the cold, Lake George's indoor water park is the perfect place to warm up and have fun with your family.

  • Shopping: Lake George's charming shops and boutiques are open during winter, allowing you to indulge in some retail therapy and find unique souvenirs.

  • Dining: Lake George's culinary scene is a highlight year-round. Savor delicious meals at popular restaurants like the Adirondack Brewery and the Barnsider Smokehouse Restaurant, which offer hearty dishes to warm you up after a day of winter adventures.

Winter Bliss in Lake George: Wrap Up Warm and Dive In

So, if you're ready to embrace the winter wonderland of Lake George, pack your warmest clothes, put on your snow boots, and get ready for a fantastic snowy adventure. Whether racing down the slopes, sipping hot cocoa by the fire, or exploring the tranquil, snowy trails, Lake George offers a winter experience like no other. Enjoy the charm of this chilly paradise!

Click here to read more about Lake George Winter's activities. 

Things to do in Lake George in the Spring:

Lake George Vacation Rentals for an Unforgettable Spring Getaway

Spring breathes new life into Lake George, creating a unique canvas of vibrant experiences. As the snow melts and the landscape awakens, Lake George unveils its secrets, inviting you to embark on memorable adventures. In this quieter season, you can offer travelers a serene retreat to complement the array of activities Lake George has to offer.

1. Adventure Ropes Courses and Ziplines: Reach New Heights

The arrival of spring brings forth thrilling opportunities to explore Lake George's adventure ropes courses and ziplines. Enthusiasts can ascend to new heights, navigating challenging courses and soaring through the treetops. Your Lake George vacation rentals provide the perfect home base for adventurers seeking adrenaline-pumping experiences in the heart of nature.

2. Whitewater Rafting: Conquer the Rapids

As the snowmelt feeds into the rivers, Lake George becomes a hub for whitewater rafting enthusiasts. Thrill-seekers can ride the exhilarating rapids, immersing themselves in the sheer excitement of this waterborne adventure. By offering your Lake George vacation rentals, you provide a comfortable haven for those seeking the ultimate spring escapade.

3. Fishing: Reel in the Memories

Springtime in Lake George offers ideal conditions for fishing. Cast your line into the clear waters and reel in the beauty of the season. Whether it's a solitary angler's retreat or a family bonding experience, your Lake George vacation rentals can cater to the needs of fishing enthusiasts, ensuring they have a cozy place to return to after a day by the water.

4. Golfing: Tee Off Amidst Scenic Splendor

Golfers are drawn to Lake George in the spring, where lush greens come to life against the backdrop of nature's reawakening. Tee off at picturesque golf courses, offering a tranquil setting for a leisurely round of golf. Your Lake George vacation rentals provide a welcoming retreat for golf enthusiasts looking to savor the beauty of the season.

5. Horseback Riding: Explore the Beauty of the Outdoors

Spring's mild weather invites outdoor enthusiasts to embark on horseback riding adventures. Traverse Lake George's scenic trails on horseback, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the region. Your Lake George vacation rentals offer the perfect respite for riders looking to relax and unwind after exploring the great outdoors.

Spring in Lake George: Your Gateway to Seasonal Serenity

Lake George in the spring beckons travelers with its promise of tranquility and outdoor exploration. By optimizing your content for SEO and providing valuable insights into spring activities, you can position your Lake George vacation rentals as the ideal choice for a serene and adventure-filled getaway.

Are You Ready to Explore the Lake George Region? Discover Local Tips and Information!

Experience Lake George's Unforgettable Annual Events

Lake George is renowned for hosting many spectacular annual events that can add an exciting dimension to your vacation. Whatever your interests, aligning your visit with one of these festivities is a breeze. Here are some of the most prominent annual events in the region:

1. Americade: The Ultimate Motorcycle Rally

Date: Early June

Americade Lake George is an iconic motorcycle rally that attracts up to 200,000 attendees during Bike Week. It offers an engaging experience for visitors of all ages. Taking place annually in early June, you can relish prime riding weather. The scenic roads against the breathtaking backdrop of the Adirondacks create an unforgettable setting for riders. Remember to check out these essential Americade Tips .

2. Lake George Winter Carnival: A Month-Long Winter Extravaganza

Date: Four weekends in February

The Lake George Winter Carnival is a month-long celebration spanning four weekends in February. This winter wonderland features unique events, including the famous Outhouse race, kid's activities, cook-offs, ice races, bonfires, spectacular fireworks, and more.

3. Lake George Elvis Festival: Paying Tribute to the King

Date: Late May/Early June (3 full days)

Since its inception in 2004, the Lake George Elvis Festival has grown to become the second-largest Elvis tribute festival in the world. Over three days in late May and early June, fans of the King of Rock 'n' Roll gather to celebrate his legacy with incredible Elvis performances and events.

4. Adirondack Balloon Festival: A Breathtaking September Spectacle

Date: Late September

The Adirondack Balloon Festival , held annually in late September, offers a mesmerizing experience. Balloons take flight during early mornings and evenings, with as many as 80 colorful balloons filling the sky. It's an extraordinary way to witness the fall foliage from a unique perspective. Explore additional amazing fall foliage adventures in the region. 5 Unique Fall Foliage Adventures  

These annual events enhance your Lake George vacation and provide unforgettable memories. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast, a fan of music and culture, or simply seeking a breathtaking aerial view of the fall foliage, Lake George's annual events offer something for everyone throughout the year.

Convenient Travel Options to Reach Lake George

Getting to the Lake George Region:

Lake George offers various travel options to ensure your journey is smooth and convenient:

  • By Plane: Arriving at Albany International Airport

Distance: 50 miles to the south of Lake George

Albany International Airport is the nearest airport to Lake George. Upon arrival, you can choose from multiple transportation options, including trains, buses, or car rentals to reach your destination.

  • By Train: Amtrak Routes from New York City to Montreal

Stops: Daily stops in Fort Edward, approximately 20 minutes from Lake George

Amtrak offers convenient routes from New York City to Montreal, with regular stops in Fort Edward near Lake George. After arriving, you can access car rentals, taxis, and the Greater Glens Falls Transit System shuttles to complete your journey. To schedule a pickup on the GGFT shuttles, please call 518-792-1085 at least 48 hours before your arrival.

  • By Bus: Greyhound and Adirondacks Trailways

Greyhound and Adirondacks Trailways provide bus services that take you directly to the Lake George region. They offer regular stops throughout Lake George, making it a convenient travel option.

  • By Car: The Ideal Mode of Travel in the Adirondacks

Recommendation: Consider renting a car in Albany, NY.

Exploring the Adirondacks is best done by car. While the closest city for car rentals is Albany, NY, having your vehicle allows you to explore the region at your own pace.

Travel within the Lake George Region:

Once you've arrived in Lake George, you'll find various transportation options for getting around the region:

  • Taxis: Local Taxi Services

  • Services: Queensbury Taxi and Tri-County Cab operate within the Lake George region.

  • Uber/Lyft: Convenient Ride-Sharing Services

Uber and Lyft have been serving the Lake George region since 2017. These ride-sharing services are popular choices for getting around. Download their apps and set up an account to access their convenient services.

  • The Lake George Trolley: Summer Travel Convenience

Operating Days: 7 days a week during the summer

Routes: Southern and Northern service routes

The Lake George Trolley operates throughout the summer, offering a southern service route from Lake George to Glens Falls with stops in between. The northern service route runs between Lake George, Bolton Landing, and Warrensburg. For Trolley schedules and information , visit the Trolley's website.

With these convenient travel options and local transportation services, your Lake George vacation will begin seamlessly, allowing you to explore this destination's beauty easily.

Discover the Best Vacation Rentals in Lake George, NY

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Lake George, NY, is a stunning destination offering diverse activities, from water adventures on the lake to exploring the charming town and its surrounding natural beauty. Whether you are seeking a cozy cabin by the lake or a spacious, family-friendly vacation home, you'll find various options to suit your needs.



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