New Year, Less Profits for Vacation Rental Home Owners!

Jan 22, 2018

NEW YORK, NY, January 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- VRBO/HomeAway is at it again. In a letter to its subscription base after the first of the year, VRBO/HomeAway informed its subscribers that they will be raising their fees yet again. This time it's a whopping 25%! Oh, and by the way Happy New Year! 

Industry expert, Melissa Palmeri of, is amazed at how quickly the tide has turned. "After Expedia bought VRBO/HomeAway, owners anticipated fees would eventually rise. That's what happens when a public company takes over a private business. Public companies have shareholders they must keep happy. But the speed and level at which they are increasing fees is crazy," she explained. VRBO/HomeAway has been methodically increasing fees, changing booking systems, reducing owner/traveler contact, all in an effort to control owners and travelers. This control allows VRBO/HomeAway to raise fees any time and to any level, and, the more control they have, the easier it is to do what they want. 

In 2017, Melissa Palmeri started a business with other industry experts across the United States that connects vacation rental home owners and travelers, with only an owners annual subscription fee. Each expert operates an individual state listing website, and all the individual states connected at the national level, Vacation Home Rental Network

"As a vacation rental property owner, my colleagues and I saw this coming and knew we needed to do something quickly. I own We have one low annual subscription price for owners and travelers pay nothing. We also offer a FREE trial so owners can list their property and try us out. On top of that, we have open communication between owners and travelers to connect directly. Basically, owners and travelers keep total control of the process. It's a simple "back to basics" concept. It's the way VRBO/HomeAway started before they got greedy."

"We have a growing inventory of beautiful homes and cabins throughout New York," said Palmeri. "Think about where you want to visit, then come to New York Rental By Owner to find a great vacation rental." 

It seems like really wants owners and travelers to have a Happy New Year!

Melissa Palmeri can be reached at or 631-946-7800. 
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