Our Top Dessert Places In New York City!

Sep 30, 2017

Our Top dessert places in NYC

Honestly, who doesn't love and crave dessert, especially while on vacation?  Imagine that you’re about to finish your entrée, and the sudden craving for something sweet and tasty overcomes you. That’s when you know dessert is a must! Or if you are like me, I plan my dinner around dessert.  It’s something quite essential and every age group loves having it! So here are some of my favorite (to die for!) dessert venues in New York City. I hope you will agree and feel free to let me know if there are other dessert places I should try!

  • Spot Dessert Bar
    My number one favorite, which is why I will give it first place! Spot Dessert Bar is a haven for dessert lovers of all kinds: Whether you’re looking for a traditional chocolate lava cake, simple ice cream, or a dessert served in a flower’s pot, this is your place to be.
  • Big Gay Ice Cream
    Order the salty pimp and you will be glad to have made the trip! It’s a little shack, with long lines at times, but worth the wait, and lines usually move quickly anyway, which makes it more than o.k.  There are several locations throughout the city to choose from!
  • Amorino
    Did you ever want to see your ice cream shaped into what looks like a rose? Then come to Amorino, where they will do exactly that! Picture-worthy and delicious at the same time! There are also several locations throughout NYC.
  • Sundaes and Cones
    This is the last ice cream parlor I will talk about, I promise… Sundaes and Cones is a still a “newbie” in the East Village, but definitely worth a visit, due to the very unusual flavors they offer. Among them are lavender, watermelon, and green tea.
  • Max Brenner
    Max Brenner is a popular restaurant by Union Square, with a specialty for desserts. Even if you’re not having a full meal here, you can always come for the dessert! Everything chocolate-related will be available here! Chocolate fondues, waffles, crepes, and various other chocolate-induced items are on the very extensive dessert menu.
  • Rice to Riches
    Are you looking for a ton of different flavored rice puddings? Stop at Rice to Riches and be amazed! The cheesecake flavor is a bestseller, if you are in need for a suggestion.
  • Treat House
    Regardless if you’re on the Upper East or Upper West Side, there is a location on both sides, and will satisfy your desires for a tasty rice crispy treat! The marshmallow one is outstanding, and a classic, but so are the seasonal flavors that come and go. For the fall, make sure to try a Halloween-inspired one!
  • Ferrara Bakery and Café
    There is one reason why people from near and far visit Ferrara Bakery: The Cannolis! You will not get anything better than what this awesome bakery sells. They are real, fresh, and filling! Just for that it’s worth the trip to little Italy.
  •  Momofuku Milk Bar
    This bakery has several locations, and offers excellent, home-made birthday and wedding cakes! They even offer classes to take, if you’re interested in learning how to bake a cake yourself! However, it’s also a regular dessert place, and everything on the menu is yummy!
  • Magnolia Bakery
    Magnolia bakery is very touristy, as you probably know, and most famous for its cupcakes. To be frank, their cupcakes are not the best, but what you should try is their banana pudding! Its texture is perfect, and its taste stimulates your taste buds in just the right way.  Delicious and flavorful are the words best associated with this dessert item! Give it a try!

    And I will sneak in one more:
  • Chelsea market
    An ideal place for all your food needs, especially desserts! Chelsea Market is an indoor market with tons of shops and restaurants inside. Perfect for a leisurely day-out and planning an eating-spree!

 Now you had your fill of NYC’s finest desserts – if you can, try them all! You will not regret it, I promise.