About Our Company

I am Melissa Palmeri and am a native New Yorker, born and raised! I currently live on beautiful Long Island with my husband and three children. I am a vacation rental owner too and understand what it takes to run a successful vacation rental business.

My husband Rob and I have lived on Long Island our entire lives and could not think of a better place to raise our three children. Rob graduated college in upstate New York and currently works in New York City. Yes, he does the daily commute (ugh!). I graduated college on long Island and commuted into Manhattan for many years before children.

Recently, there have been significant changes in the vacation rental industry. All of these changes impact us independent owners and travelers alike, and they have not been good for either. The commercialization of the vacation rental industry is financially squeezing owners and travelers, and unnecessary restrictions are reducing the quality of service.

The vacation rental industry was and still is a grass roots effort. That’s what made it great! If we lose sight of our roots, fees go up and quality service goes down. I finally came to the conclusion that something should, or better yet, something needed to be done.

Today, large third party booking sites are charging both owners and travelers significantly more. They are also attempting to separate owner and traveler contact to protect their corporate interests, which reduces traveler satisfaction. As of 2017, the main three big-box listing sites have all migrated to a similar business model leaving vacation rental owners and travelers with few options.

As a result, I am passionate and excited about teaming up with other successful independent vacation rental owners to help build a regional listing site that puts owners and traveler needs first. My regional site, New York Rental By Owner, LLC is locally owned and independently operated. I love New York!

Our mission is simple: New York Rental By Owner connects travelers and owners directly, eliminating the middleman to reduce owner and traveler fees and restrictions to increase service and improve quality.

To Our Owners: It's YOUR Home ... Manage it YOUR Way!

To Our Travelers: No Booking Fees...more money in your pocket to travel more!

Questions? Ask away...