Discover the Adirondacks: Your Ultimate Vacation Guide

Adirondacks (Adirondack Mountains)

Explore Adirondack vacation rentals and an upstate New York wilderness guide for unforgettable adventures and natural beauty.

  Adirondack Vacation and Cabin Rentals

The Adirondacks have long been a sanctuary for adventurers seeking respite from the ordinary, drawing nature enthusiasts from across the globe. Whether you yearn for heart-pounding treks through dense forests or soul-soothing strolls along tranquil trails, this captivating wilderness offers experiences that will leave you breathless and longing for more. Adirondack vacation rentals allow you to immerse yourself fully in this natural wonderland, providing comfort and convenience amidst the breathtaking scenery.

A Premier Destination for All

Located in the northeastern region of upstate New York, the Adirondack area stands out as an ideal vacation spot for families, friends, or couples. It has become a premier destination for New York vacations with a wide range of outdoor activities. Vacationers here can indulge in world-class fishing, hiking, water and snow skiing, or a relaxing lakefront retreat . Few places can match the diverse range of experiences the Adirondacks offer, including Adirondack vacation rentals.

The Adirondack Experience: Where Nature Takes Center Stage

Situated in upstate New York, the Adirondacks boast their state park and even have a chair named after them. The best part? There are no entry fees or gates that close at night; you're free to come and go as you please. If you're the type who enjoys getting away, connecting with nature, and embracing life at a different pace, then the Adirondacks are your ideal vacation destination.

Embracing the Back-to-Nature Atmosphere

One of the standout qualities of the Adirondacks is the back-to-nature experience it provides. Many factors contribute to this unique atmosphere, and although it can be challenging to describe, it's something you'll understand as soon as you arrive. 

Charming Towns and Warm Hospitality

Nestled amidst some of the highest mountain peaks in New York State and surrounded by scenic lakes, each town you pass through exudes a charming character that beckons you to stop and explore. From the historic architecture to the warm hospitality of the locals, you'll quickly realize that this place is the real deal.

Living Like a Local

For travelers eager to fully immerse themselves in the local culture, spending time in some smaller towns is a must. To have an authentic Adirondack experience, consider choosing one of our Adirondack vacation rentals . Whether you opt for a kid and pet-friendly lakefront cabin, a cozy waterfront cottage, or a breathtaking mountain-view chalet, the Adirondacks are best enjoyed by living like a local. There's no beating the feeling of waking up to crisp mountain air and awe-inspiring mountain views.

Your Adirondack Adventure Awaits

This comprehensive guide invites you to embark on a memorable journey through the heart of the Adirondack region. From discovering charming Adirondack towns to uncovering a wealth of exciting activities, we've curated a collection of tips and information to ensure your Adirondack adventure is nothing short of extraordinary. Are you ready to explore this wilderness paradise? Let's dive in!

Adirondack Towns: Discover Your Ideal Vacation Destination

The Adirondack Park sprawls over 9,400 square miles, boasting 46 main mountain peaks and countless notable locations. While it's impossible to name them all, here are some standout destinations to kickstart your Adirondack adventure:

Lake George Vacation Rentals : Discover the Gem of the Adirondacks

Named in honor of King George II, Lake George shines as one of Adirondack, New York's premier destinations. Its central location draws travelers and locals, offering a charming downtown with local boutique shopping and dining options. With Adirondacks vacation rentals, you can enjoy the convenience of staying in the heart of this gem. A local beach and boat launch are nearby, providing ample recreation opportunities. Read more Lake George, NY Vacation Rentals Guide

Bolton Landing Vacation Rentals : Tranquility Near Lake George

Conveniently situated near Lake George, Bolton Landing provides a quieter alternative to its more touristy neighbor up the road. This town leans into outdoor activities and less crowded beaches. Its proximity to the many small islands in the lake makes it an excellent spot for kayaking, boating, and swimming.

Saranac Lake Vacation Rentals : Small-Town Charm with Big Adventures

Nestled along the Saranac River with a population of just over 4,000, Saranac Lake embodies the essence of a small Adirondack town. It's renowned for its beautiful lake, hiking trails, and an annual winter festival in January or February. When planning your stay, explore the option of Adirondacks vacation rentals in Saranac Lake for the authentic small-town experience.

Lake Placid Vacation Rentals : Olympic History and Natural Beauty

Lake Placid, New York, holds a special place in the hearts of many, especially for those who remember the historic victory of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team over the former Soviet Union. Hosting the Olympics, Lake Placid left behind top-notch facilities that are now open for tours. Take advantage of the Olympic museum, and for an out-of-the-box experience, try a year-round bobsled ride. Touring these facilities offers fantastic views of the state park, as they are spread out across the area surrounding Lake Placid. Read more Lake Placid NY Vacation Rentals & Travel Guide.

Neighboring communities such as Saranac Lake, NY, Wilmington, NY, and Upper Jay, NY, offer some of the best Adirondack vacation rentals for your consideration.

Schroon Lake Vacation Rentals : A Hidden Gem Off the Beaten Path

Schroon Lake is a gem of a small town located slightly off the beaten path. It provides a delightful blend of culture, local cuisine, and nature. Booking a vacation rental here allows you to experience local living truly. You need everything within walking or cycling distance, including local cuisine, beaches, and parks.

Ticonderoga Vacation Rentals : A Historic Key to the Continent

In the 18th century, Ticonderoga earned the nickname "Key to the Continent" as a military fort on Lake Champlain. It played a crucial role during the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Today, the fort has been meticulously renovated and offers daily tours to the public.

Loon Lake Vacation Rentals : Tranquil Retreat in the Heart of the Adirondacks

Nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks, Loon Lake offers a tranquil escape surrounded by pristine waters and lush forests. Enjoy activities like fishing, kayaking, and hiking, all while staying in comfortable vacation rentals. This quiet retreat is perfect for those seeking serenity and a connection with nature, with the opportunity for stargazing and campfire gatherings under the Adirondack sky. Experience the best of the Adirondacks at Loon Lake.

This curated list of Adirondack vacation rentals and towns invites you to embark on a memorable journey through the heart of upstate New York's Adirondack region.


Adirondacks Adventures: Discover the Best Activities and Experiences


Escape to the breathtaking wilderness of the Adirondacks and unlock a world of adventure! Are you ready to embark on unforgettable journeys, surrounded by towering mountains, shimmering lakes, and vibrant foliage? Say goodbye to your everyday routine as we introduce you to a playground of endless possibilities, all complemented by the option of Adirondacks vacation rentals. Are you ready to discover what activities await you? Here are the amazing experiences that you can enjoy in the Adirondacks:


Adirondack Museum

Also known as the Adirondack Experience, this museum offers a range of exhibits and activities celebrating the history and pastimes of the Adirondacks. From delving into the region's history to interacting with craftsmen showcasing their trades, this experience is fun and educational.

Fort William Henry Museum

Situated in Lake George, Fort William Henry was built in 1755 by the British to protect their colonies and engage in military actions against the French. Visitors can witness historically accurate re-enactments and depictions of the colonial era of America, providing insight into the daily life of colonial soldiers.

Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course

For those seeking thrilling experiences, this adventure course offers zip-lining, obstacle courses, and rope swings. You can partake in the excitement regardless of age, as your feet rarely touch the ground.


Camping in the Adirondacks is ideal, thanks to the temperate climate. You won't have to worry about sweating in your tent, and there are numerous campgrounds with easy access and handicap-accessible lean-tos. Check out John Dillon Park in Long Lake, NY, for a remarkable camping experience.


The Adirondacks are renowned for their hiking opportunities, featuring 46 main mountain peaks and countless trails within the park. Whether you're a novice or an experienced hiker, there's a trail suited to your skill level. Read more here .

Gore and Whiteface Mountains

These are perfect for hikers and are among the best skiing and snowboarding destinations on the East Coast. Whiteface boasts the highest vertical drop east of the Rockies and offers slopes for all skill levels, along with terrain parks. Both mountains provide gondola rides year-round, offering stunning views of the area.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari

This water park has it all - pools, water slides, a wave pool, a water jungle gym, amusement rides, a gift shop, and even an arcade for video game enthusiasts. It's an excellent choice for summer vacations.

White Water Rafting

Rafting has been a draw for Adirondack visitors for years. An irresistible allure makes it an ideal choice for family bonding. The region hosts several river guide companies, ensuring a safe and exciting experience.

Tour the Mountains by Car, Motorcycle, or Adirondack Rail Pedal Cars

The Adirondacks are filled with winding mountain roads that delight car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Consider a railbike tour to pedal your way through the Adirondacks for a unique adventure. Route 74 from Schroon Lake to Ticonderoga is a particularly scenic drive.

Martha's Dandee Cream

A visit to the Adirondacks would only be complete with enjoying some ice cream from Martha's Dandee Cream. Their nationally renowned homemade ice cream, featured on the Today Show, is a must-try. It's an irresistible treat located on Route 9 just north of Glens Falls.

Sleigh Rides

Experience the magic of a winter wonderland with a sleigh ride. While many places offer sleigh rides, Lake Placid, in particular, provides a picturesque setting near the lake with breathtaking mountain views.


While in Lake Placid for a sleigh ride, consider bobsledding. Whether visiting in winter or another season, it's an authentic experience on an Olympic-grade course.

Ice Fishing/Cookout

If you spot shacks on a frozen lake while driving up Route 9, don't fret. Ice fishing is a local pastime that offers stunning mountain views and a unique connection with nature.

Six Flags Great Escape

This indoor water park in Queensbury challenges the notion that water parks are only for the summer. It's an excellent option for families seeking a break from the cold to enjoy water-sliding fun after a day of skiing or snowboarding.


One of the best ways to explore the winter wonderland of the Adirondacks is by snowmobiling. This popular pastime provides endless fun and adventure throughout the winter season. Rent snowmobiles and hire a tour guide to discover the best trails.

Fort Ticonderoga

A family-friendly destination, Fort Ticonderoga offers an interactive and educational experience. Explore beautiful gardens, enjoy events, march with the Fife and Drum Corps, and learn about historic trades. Visit the reconstructed fort overlooking Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont, take a boat ride on Lake Champlain, and explore the exhibit galleries featuring premier collections. A visit to Fort Ticonderoga connects all visitors to a place and time pivotal in shaping a continent and nation.

Tantalizingly hidden within the sprawling embrace of upstate New York lies a secret haven, a wild paradise waiting to be explored. The Adirondacks, with its majestic peaks that pierce the sky and mirror-like lakes that reflect nature's beauty in perfect harmony, beckon adventure seekers from across the globe. Whether you yearn for heart-pounding treks through dense forests or soul-soothing strolls along tranquil trails, this enchanting wilderness offers experiences that will leave you breathless and longing for more. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare to immerse yourself in an unparalleled journey through the untamed beauty of the Adirondacks, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of Adirondacks vacation rentals.


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Navigating the Adirondacks: Your Travel Guide

  The Adirondack Park is vast and offers a unique travel experience. Planning and choosing suitable transportation options is essential to make the most of your visit.

Getting to the Adirondacks:

  • By Plane - The nearest airports are Albany International to the south and Airports of Montreal , Canada to the north. From there, you can take a train, bus or rent a car to reach your destination within the Adirondacks.

  • By Train - Amtrak provides train services from New York City and Albany to Montreal, with Glens Falls, Ticonderoga, and Plattsburgh stops. However, car rentals are only available in Plattsburgh, so plan accordingly.

  • By Bus - Greyhound buses and Adirondacks Trailways offer routes directly into the heart of the Adirondack Park. It's a convenient option with stations in larger cities and drop-off points in smaller communities.

  • By Car - The most flexible way to explore the Adirondacks is by car. If you're flying in, consider renting a car from Albany, NY, or Plattsburgh, NY, for ultimate convenience.

Traveling Within the Adirondacks:

  • By Train - While options for train travel within the Adirondack Park are limited, a couple of companies offer scenic rides from Saranac to Lake Placid and Thendara to Otter Lake. These rides are more about sightseeing than practical transportation.

  • By Bus - Greyhound buses and Adirondacks Trailways connect larger cities and make stops in smaller towns throughout the Adirondacks. If you can't drive or rent a car, this is a viable alternative, though schedules and pickup points can be challenging.

  • By Car - Renting or using your car is the best way to explore the region, allowing you to move around at your own pace. Public transportation options, while available, are limited in comparison.

Adirondack Seasons: A Year-Round Destination

  The Adirondacks offer something unique every season, making it a year-round vacation destination.


While spring is short and often rainy due to melting snow, it's a time of renewal. As temperatures rise, the Adirondacks come to life, and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, rafting, and water skiing.


The most popular season in the Adirondacks is characterized by warm days and cool nights. It's the ideal time for hiking, camping, and exploring the many lakes and rivers. The season spans about ten weeks, from late May to early August.


Often considered the most beautiful season, fall brings vibrant foliage as the mountains transform with shades of orange and red. Hikers from all over are drawn to the stunning views.


Winter in the Adirondacks can be chilly, with temperatures dropping below zero. However, this is when the snow skiing and snowboarding season takes off. Whiteface and Gore Mountains attract visitors locally and from out of town for thrilling winter sports.


Adirondack Vacation Rentals: Your Gateway to Reconnection

The Adirondacks offer a diverse range of New York vacation and cabin rentals, providing the perfect escape for those seeking to reconnect with nature and escape it all. Whether planning a summer adventure, a fall foliage tour, or a winter sports retreat, the Adirondacks have something special for you!


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